Specialty Clinical Services

Specialty Clinical Services

A Social Lifestyle with A Higher Level of Care

At DevonHouse Senior Living, we cover the spectrum of care needs that fall between Personal Care and Skilled
Nursing, while providing a better opportunity to age in place. Your loved one can stay with us longer
while enjoying all of our services and amenities.

Care Highlights

Specialty Clinical Services Programs

  • Parkinson’s Disease Management Program

    DevonHouse partners with the family physician, neurologist, and speech and physical therapists to increase the capabilities of residents presenting signs and symptoms of this progressive but manageable disease. Our licensed nurses* and staff:

    ➤ Ambulate the resident with contact assistance as long as possible.
    ➤ Apply assistive devices such as hand and leg splints, and promote independence with adaptive devices for performing activities of daily living.
    ➤ Assist with nutritional status and work with physicians and our licensed dietitians to provide soft or thickened diets as needed.
    ➤ Incorporate our fall prevention program into the resident’s daily support plan.
    ➤ Provide quality skin care, body repositioning and safety measures if the resident becomes immobile.

  • Anticoagulant Medication Monitoring Program

    The anticoagulant monitoring program at DevonHouse Senior Living is supervised by:

    ➤ Licensed Nurses* on site 24/7, who understand the need for vigilance in monitoring and can communicate changes to the physicians immediately.
    ➤ Licensed Nurses who understand drug interactions that might increase or decrease blood clotting time.
    ➤ Licensed Nurses and highly trained staff who understand the side effects of anticoagulant therapy.
    ➤ Licensed Nurses who provide resident education on why and how the medication works, and the importance of frequent lab tests and dose changes.

    The anticoagulant medication monitoring program at DevonHouse Senior Living includes these services:

    ➤ Relationships with local labs in order to provide service to all residents regardless of insurance.
    ➤ Lab draws on-site.
    ➤ Free transportation to the lab if there is a need for STAT testing.
    ➤ Twenty-four hour immediate access to our pharmacy for new or changed orders.

  • (CHF) and (COPD) Monitoring Program

    DevonHouse Senior Living Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Monitoring Program. DevonHouse Senior Living provides Licensed Nurses* to:

    ➤Monitor changes in lung sounds, blood pressure, weights, diet circulation and medications.
    ➤ Supervise the delivery of oxygen and inhalation therapy.
    ➤ Communicate with family physicians, hospitals and other health care providers.

    DevonHouse Participates in Tele-Medicine Heart Monitoring. This physician ordered telemetry system is provided through visiting nurses (covered by Medicare and most private insurances). After the initial installation of a 5 x 10 inch bedside monitor and electronic scale, our licensed nurses provide daily assistance in monitoring changes that can be addressed immediately, and in many cases, decreasing the need for emergency room visits.

  • Diabetes Management Program

    At DevonHouse Senior Living, we know there is more to managing diabetes than simply offering an NCS (no concentrated sweets) diet, and assistance with insulin. Our licensed nurses* and Diabetic Certified resident associates understand the need to differentiate between the types and levels of diabetes, and the importance of individual treatment planning. That includes:

    ➤ Sliding scale insulin dosing.
    ➤ Diet planning and adjustments in diets.
    ➤ Blood glucose testing: routine and fasting with a goal of obtaining optimal blood glucose levels.

    Observation for signs and symptoms of:

    ➤ A hypo or hyperglycemic event and ketoacidosis.
    ➤ A decrease in visual capabilities.
    ➤ Changes in circulation.

    DevonHouse Senior Living works with:

    ➤ Local labs that are available for routine fasting and STAT blood glucose testing.
    ➤ Discover Pharmacy, which provides delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    ➤ The latest, safest and most reliable diabetic supplies on the market.
    ➤ Licensed dietitians assisting in diet management and meal planning.
    ➤ Helwig Diabetic Center at LehighValley Hospital; Sacred Heart Hospital; and, St. Luke’s Hospital Diabetic Center.

  • Special Diets Program

    DevonHouse Senior Living recognizes the critical role food plays in good health. A significant program of special diets is available to current and new residents. This is in addition to the varied and nutritionally balanced menus presented to DevonHouse residents each day. These special diets include:

    ➤ No added salt.
    ➤ NDD3 Dysphagia Advanced.
    ➤ NDD2 Dysphagia Mechanically Altered.
    ➤ NDD1 Dysphagia Puree.
    ➤ Low Concentrated Sweets.
    ➤ Low Fat/Low Cholesterol.
    ➤ Thickened Liquids.
    ➤ Renal.
    * All diets are apporved by a certified dietitian

Plus, all Personal care services such as:

  • Nurses on-site 24/7

  • Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and dressing

  • Individualized care plans

  • Wireless Nurse call system

  • In-house Geriatrician with support service

  • Nutritional services

  • Wander-prevention system

  • Quality Assurance Team providing expert oversight on care plan

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